Dollface – My New Favorite Show

Hello everyone,

Today, I wanted to talk about Dollface. I had recently been in a nostalgic rut of rewatching New Girl and Seinfeld over and over, but finally decided time to try something new. The cast of Dollface was what pulled me in; Kat Dennings, Brenda Song, and Shay Mitchell. All three of those actresses are huge and I was surprised I hadn’t heard of the show before. It released in 2019, but only recently this year (2022), I started getting Hulu ads for it. Well, the ads know their audience, because this show is definitely geared towards woman about 25 to early thirties, and I loved every bit of it so far. There are two seasons and I’m hoping it gets renewed for a third season.

I found out that Margot Robbie, yes Harley Quinn, is a co-founder of a company called LuckyChap Entertainment. The company wants to focus on female centric tv shows and films. I had no idea about LuckyChap or that they produced I, Tonya as well! I think that’s really cool and hope that Margot Robbie and her co-founders keep pushing with this company.

Dollface is a representation of almost every working millennial woman’s life. Kat Dennings character Jules is honestly so relatable. I’ll give an overview, but won’t spoil anything that’s not in the pilot 😊 Basically, Jules was dating a guy for a few years and lost touch with her friends. In the pilot, we find out that Jules and her boyfriend just broke up and she has no friends to talk to about anything, no ‘support group’.

One aspect of this show that caught me off-guard is we get a little bit of Jules’ psychosis conjuring up an actual cat woman. There are scenes where it takes you through her head space and she is being led by a talking, actual cat lady…there’s really no easy way for me to describe this, you just have to watch it. But, it flows well with the show and is pretty funny! At first, I thought it was a weird futurist aspect, but nope, just all in her head.

The first season is about Jules learning to make friends and mend her old relationships. The show shows the importance of how a group of friends can really help you through a tough time and how important having female bonds is. This show is so relatable because it’s so hard to make friends as an adult. Most of us have to go to work during the week and I don’t know about you, but after 8 hours in an office, I just want to stay home and away from people…not the best way to meet new friends huh? 😅

This is definitely a girl-gang, female oriented type of show and I highly recommend it! It does have a mature audience rating and references to drugs, sex, etc.

If you’ve already watched it, let me know what you think!

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