Social Media Full-Time?

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry for being M.I.A, been busy trying to grow some other social media and needed more time to focus on them. I actually deleted my Instagram because I wasn’t getting any growth and felt like I was posting good quality content, it just wasn’t being pushed. I had that account for years and figured that maybe it was “shadow banned” or something along those lines.

So, I made a new one, feel free to follow me here. I’ve been getting pushed way more and interacting with a lot more people. Even though I have to start from scratch, it’s way more fun talking to people who are interested in makeup, skincare, etc.

I really want to do social media, more specifically, Youtube, full-time one day. Right now,  I would consider it a hobby of mine. I have an 8-5 full-time job and though I don’t quite love what I do, I view it as supporting me for my future as a social media creator.

Sometimes I get discouraged, it’s like I post and post and nada. But, if you really want something, you have to push, so that’s what I’ll keep doing.

Honestly, what’s the point of living life not even trying, you know? People in my real life, make fun of me, call me “cute” in a not so supportive way, but I’ve learned that you just have to ignore people and keep pushing. I mean, isn’t that what a lot of successful people had to do before they became successful? People thought they were crazy or couldn’t accomplish their goal, and they used that as fuel.

I mean it’s not creating a new technology or anything, just a simple goal. I really want a community to share things I’m interested in and also get sponsored by brands I love, like the thrifting brand ThredUp. I’m obsessed with them, if you love thrifting, you need to check out their website. It’s like an online thrift store…but, right now, they sell women’s clothing and accessories, sorry boys…

Getting off track, I do love my blogging family and am trying to keep up. You might see more journal-like entries like this though, hope you don’t mind.

Would love to know your thoughts!


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  1. Followed you on IG! I’ve noticed that the interaction on IG has decreased so much recently. Like I’m doing the whole 30 day challenge where you post reels daily and I’ve been super disappointed by the interaction. So I get why you decided to make a new account. Keep posting and being active and I think you can become a full time social media content creator. It’s definitely difficult but if that’s your dream keep going and working towards it.

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    1. Thanks pooja! Yeah, the lack of interactions was making me super bummed out, and making the new account worked out better for me. It’s only been about a week, but way more fun. It’s insane because the same video reels I post on Insta, I’ll post on YouTube shorts..way more interactions, likes, etc on YouTube than Insta. Drives me nuts 😭 just keep swimming right 😂💜

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      1. That’s so annoying lol, IG can be so irritating sometimes 😤 I’ve noticed that too because the same stuff gets more TT views than IG even though I have so few TT followers. Yup just keep swimming 🐠


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