Happy Video Game Day!

I found out from Twitter that today is National Video Game Day, not sure if that’s a thing, but I’ll still celebrate it!

I love adventure/rpg games, but I also like my shooter games as well. Over the years, I’ve mostly stuck to my favorite games and play them after work, not really looking to buy any newer ones, like Fortnite for example. It looks very fun though.

I wanted to share a couple of my favorite games with you guys! My number one favorite is Skyrim. I have it for the PS3 and I really enjoy the freedom of choosing whatever quests you want to do. I like the simplicity of the magic you can use! I recently purchased the Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr for PS4, and I’m just super confused. It’s cool being able to interact with other players, but it’s such a huge world, I don’t know where to start, where to build certain skills. It’s definitely a learning curve, so I’ll have to spend more time on it. But I tend to get frustrated and go back to other games where I know what I’m doing.

A game that’s super nostalgic and is one of my absolute favorites is Final Fantasy X. I had played a long, long, time ago. I never owned it, but I had rented it. Recently, I purchased it for my PS4, and I remember why I was obsessed with this game as a kid. The graphics are done so well! I love that you can fight with any character, after you get to a certain point, you can explore wherever you want. The story is good, Auron is awesome. I love Yuna, and the aeons are just amazing. Though, I do think their intro scenes and overdrive scenes are a smidge too long. My favorite aeon is Shiva, she’s a boss! Final Fantasy X is definitely one of my top games!

This one is pretty old, but Saints Row III anyone? I still have it for my PS3, and after all these years, I’ve never completely taken over an area. I’ve gotten to 97% once, and then didn’t play for years. Then, when I decide to play, I have to restart everything so I’m up to date on what I’m doing. Anyone else do that? I never played Grand Theft Auto or anything like that, so this is the closest I got to those type of games. Saints Rule All.

I’m ending my little video game favs with the ever so popular, Pokemon. Over the years, I have lost many Pokemon games for my GameBoy, GameCube, and DS. Now all I have is Pearl for the DS, and LeafGreen and FireRed for the gameboy adapter part (btw what a great feature).

This is as nostalgic as you can get! I loved all of these, but I’m sticking with these ones. Maybe I’ll buy some more Pokemon games, but they’ll be the older ones, only because that’s where my knowledge of it all is from. I think Diamond and Pearl are the “newest” ones I own, and I lost Diamond somewhere, so I’m only stuck with Pearl.

You can’t go wrong with just raising some Pokemon, beating up some of Team Galactic, and becoming the Champion! I also liked the Pokemon contests. I basically captured double of the same Pokemon, just so I could train one for contests and one for battles. I’m a freak, I know.

What’s some of your favorite games?

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  1. I also like Pokémon games as well as Zelda. I haven’t really been playing much of Final Fantasy, I do here and there.


  2. Yeah, yeah! Final Fantasy X and X-2 were personal favorites of mine growing up. I had a huge crush on both Yuna and Rikku but all the characters were pretty attractive in that game hahah. It was one of my fav FF’s. I can’t do the online MMORPG thing anymore, they’re too slow-going and I find them boring =/ I wish they’d make some good FF’s like they used to back in the day.

    I don’t play video games like I used to, but I should do a post on some of my fav’s one day 😉

    I enjoyed this.

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    1. Thanks! When I made this post, I realized…I really need to try out some new games…but hey, old is gold. Long live nostalgia. Definitely should do a post on your favorites!


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