L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipcolour: Top 2 Favs

Hello there!

Today, I wanted to talk about two of my favorite colors from the L’Oreal: Colour Riche collection. They have 47 shades! Obviously, I haven’t tried every single one, but I have tried ten. I like them all, but my two favs are the ones I wear everyday. It’s the colors: Toasted Almond and Cinnamon Toast.

Left: Toasted Almond Right: Cinnamon Toast
Left: Toasted Almond Right: Cinnamon Toast

I love both of them because they’re so good for an everyday use. Toasted Almond is more of a nude shade and has and has the perfect light brown/pink look to it. Cinnamon Toast is darker and has a dark brown type of look to it. I like using it to add color to my face, while the Toasted Almond is for when I’m feeling more natural.

Left: Toasted Almond Right: Cinnamon Toast
Left: Toasted Almond Right: Cinnamon Toast

All the lipsticks I’ve tried from this collection are all amazingly moisturizing! I would usually put on chapstick before putting on my lipstick, but I don’t need to with these! They’re very creamy and make my lips feel so soft. The application is so smooth! The color usually lasts me about 2 hours, but my lips are moisturized for a long time, which I love! Definitely a great drugstore lipstick.

Also, the packaging looks cute and classy. It’s gold and has a cute gold band around the middle. It doesn’t open itself in my purse like other lipsticks do, which is exactly what I need.


I bought them from Target for $5.99, which is a great price for such a good product. Definitely worth it. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and let me know if you’ve tried them!

Thanks for reading!


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