Etsy Review: Amethyst Ring

Hello there,

I wanted to share my thoughts on this beautiful amethyst ring I purchased from the Etsy store, The Old Gray Goose.

I purchased it during my birthday month, February, since it’s my birthstone. I purchased a size six and it fits perfectly. I’ve had it for about four months, and I really like it.

It’s exactly as pictured. The only downside is that the amethyst pieces are glued to the ring and they are slowly be coming off. It’s crushed stone pieces, so the maker had to glue it like that. Some pieces were just hanging on, so I just pulled it off. The glue is not holding up well.

I do like the actual band though. It’s an antique gold band, with 24k gold plating. It has that slightly tarnished, antique look. I figure if all of the amethyst pieces come off, I can add something else in their place.

I paid $22 for this and I waited about a week for the delivery. It ships from Asheville, NC, so keep that in mind as you order.

I think this is a decent ring and store, but for the future, I would avoid crushed stone products just because the pieces of my ring are coming off after only four months.

What do you guys think? Do you have a favorite Etsy shop? If so, definitely let me know!

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