Review: Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in True Brown K

Hello everyone!

I bit the bullet and purchased the True Brown K Lipkit from Kylie Cosmetics. I really wanted a nice, dark brown lippie for the season, and this one has been on my eye for a long time.

I purchased it from Ulta Beauty for $29, and it came with the lip liner and the liquid lipstick. To be honest, I forgot it came with the liner as well, and it feels a lot more worth it.

The color of this was exactly what I was looking for! An extremely dark brown, matte lippie. And when I say dark, I mean dark!

I applied the lip liner all over my lips, it’s slightly lighter than the lipstick. To be honest, I might just apply the liner by itself sometimes. Really pretty!

Below, I have on the lipstick over the liner. Such an extremely rich color. The formula is creamy and glides on beautifully. Extremely pigmented with just one application. Be careful and don’t get any product out of your lip area. I was trying to make my bottom lip even, and smudged it. I used an ear swab to try and fix it, but it just became a smudged brown mess. There was some darkness in the area I messed up in. Luckily, I didn’t have foundation on, so when I applied it, it was covered up. Just warning because it can ruin your look if you get it in the wrong places.

I’ve worn this out a couple of times, so I have an idea of how long it lasts and everything. Honestly, the color itself, stays on for the majority of my day, which is 8-9 hours. When I eat or drink, it doesn’t transfer or come off. It doesn’t leave a lipstick stain on any drinking glasses and looks the same as when I first applied it.

BUT, it did get on my chin area. How? I think when I drink, my bottom lip touches my chin area, and usually I don’t really notice anything because I wear nude lip colors. But with this….not cute. I don’t mean like a little smudge, I mean, dark brown, rectangle shaped lip-stain on my chin area!

I was like okay, fine, I’ll just remove it. Not that easy, because as I mentioned, even when you try and smudge it off, it’s messy. It ended up looking like a weird soul patch’s five o’clock shadow. Not to mention, I ruined my makeup trying to smudge it off as well.

Overall, yes the color and pigmentation are great! But, watch out because it will transfer and be messy! Will I repurchase? Probably not. I do like the liner though and that did not give me a soul patch. If I can just repurchase the liner, I might do that.

Overall, $29 is not a bad price for two products. But, I don’t think the lipstick is worth it. The liner is great! Also, Kylie Cosmetics is cruelty-free which is another reason I didn’t mind buying her products. I did see the company Coty has bought majority shares of Kylie Cosmetics. Coty is NOT completely cruelty free, I’ll have to keep up with Kylie Cosmetics, and make sure they will keep their cruelty free status. If I see any updates on that, I’ll update on this post.

Have you guys had any horrible lipstick transfers before?

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