Coronavirus + Keeping Busy Chat

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re all safe and hopefully able to stay in your homes. Unfortunately, I am one of the many that still have to go out and work because my boss doesn’t think it is serious. My coworkers and I can easily work from home, but we were told in a meeting today that unless the government declares a lock-down or the state does, he will not close the business. It was really disheartening to hear that. I knew he wouldn’t want to close now, but I figured when our state’s number of cases rose, he would. Nope. That left me in a slightly anxious state.

Also, he asked a number of us if we’d like to go out to lunch today. Only two of us said no, which was shocking to me. The entire group that went out were the demographic that have a higher mortality rate if they contracted the virus. It’s really frustrating to see people just casually go out and eat like nothings going on. There’s a reason all schools are closed, lots of people are working from home, people are trying to stay in as much as they can…it’s so strange to me that my boss and most of my co-workers are completely ignoring that.

Anyway, I’m trying to make sure to wash my hands and not touch my face. I have to deal with checks, so I’ll finish a batch and wash my hands, and then repeat.

Anyway, changing the subject, as mentioned in a previous post, my New Year’s goal in January was to cook at home more. Good thing I had already tried a few recipes before the virus came to the states. Though I know preservatives and foods that can last are important, definitely try and find fresh ingredients that can provide meals for days. It’ll save your money, help your health, and lessen your trips to the grocery store, in turn lessening your chance of contracting the virus.

I haven’t made my own recipes, just following some easy and tasty ones I find through Youtube or online. My most recent one was my favorite so far, it’s Cooking With Honey’s Chicken Stew. This one is absolutely delicious! I was able to make it in a small pot, because I don’t own any large pots or skillets for a stew, and it came out pretty good. If you want to learn how to make it, check out her video!

I’ve also been using rice a lot, rice and eggs, rice and dhal, rice and beans, so many options with rice!

I also decided to see what was new on the various streaming services…If any of you have Hulu and you like nature documentaries, check out Saving Jaws! It’s so informative and focuses on sharks! I love sharks, I have no idea why, but they’ve never scared me. The U.S has about 16 shark attacks annually, while approximately 100 million sharks are killed a year. That’s insane, and films that depict sharks as predators that will just attack no matter what, just makes people not care about what happens to them. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty naive when it comes to this stuff. I’ve seen Blackfish and fell in love with orcas too! Before Saving Jaws, I didn’t even know shark fin soup was a thing or that shark meat is toxic to us! Definitely check it out if you’re interested in that sort of documentary.

Okay…don’t judge me for this one, but I saw Frozen for the first time Sunday. I know, I know, I just couldn’t take all the hype when it was out, so I waited till I was in the mood, which happened to be Sunday. I really liked it. I liked it so much, that I watched Frozen 2 today, and it was just as amazing! I definitely relate to Elsa, in the sense that I love the cold and want to have a dress made of ice.

I’m also catching up on anime, I decided to watch One-Piece all the way from the beginning again…I know, I’m never going to catch up. I rewatched Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and I’m taking a break before I start Boruto…honestly, I just want to restart Naruto again instead of Boruto…Do you guys have any recommendations that fits into that shonen type of anime?

I hope everyone’s doing well and even though it’s an anxious time, just doing our part and trying to limit contact to people and keeping our hygiene up is the best we can do to prevent it from people worse.

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    1. Thanks girl! Yes, it’s shocking how people can ignore everything that’s going on. Especially with social media, we can see what’s going on in the world and they’re still turning a blind eye to it. It’s frustrating, but we just have to do what we can, and hopefully they’ll shut down clubs, and places with large gatherings for at least two weeks. Stay safe and healthy! πŸ€—πŸ–€

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  1. It’s crazy out there- even in my small island up in north-west Canada!! At first I wasn’t worried at all, but then I left home for the weekend to see my parents and omg my hometown was so panicked and TP and Lysol is sold out everywhere north island. After seeing it up close I had my own day of full on anxiety about it, which is exactly what I knew not to do but you can’t even escape the updates and news… which are really just body counts at this point-no helpful information really.

    I got myself some multivitamins and a crap load of tea and honey and healthy food and that’s made me feel a lot better lol. Every healthy thing I do has helped me feel less stressed out. Especially yoga! For the first time this year it was warm enough to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine yesterday. Just getting some fresh air and sunshine in nature has made life feel normal again. It’s really interesting to see how fast things happen nowadays. One minute everything’s fine and then the next people are punching each other over paper towel in the fear of pandemic. Lock downs sound scary, but honestly it’s such a good thing because no one should be co-mingling at bars and coffee shops right now.

    I’ve stocked up on chili and stuff for dhal too! SO good and all of the minerals in spices are so comforting and nourishing (hello turmeric ily)… Been eating Panago though too to save our dry food in case of lockdown lol.

    Saving Jaws sounds really good! I had a soft-spot for Blackfish since Orcas are native to my home province. ❀ I have yet to see Frozen 2 (I too am cold and dream of wearing a dress made of ice)

    Stay home as much as you can and take care girl! ❀ Eventually everything will be back to normal (whatever normal really means!!) If anything this is a much needed global reminder to get our priorities straight and up the personal hygiene standard. Also at least it's an introverts dream, we don't have to feel bad about staying indoors and not socializing with anyone but our books and snacks!! Sending you love and lots of good vibes!! ❀ πŸ™‚ xo

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    1. Yup, honestly like many others, I lived my weekly life social-distancing, without even knowing it πŸ˜‚ Since I still have to work, I’m just driving back and forth from work to home, which is what I would do normally.

      Today, I do need to go to the store, but only for period products and to see if they have chicken…wish me luck. I hope they didn’t hoard all the period products too 😭

      Honestly, I’ve been trying to limit the amount I’m listening to the news. It makes me anxious, so I’ve just been watching my local news for bit, and then start doing other things. We just need to use this time wisely! It’s not exactly yoga, but I’ve been doing flexibility stretches, specifically for my splits. I’ve been taking progress pics, and it’s crazy how close I am now! Just doing that, with the fresh air and sun, so relaxing and definitely calms me down with everything that’s going on.

      Yes! We definitely need to get our priorities straight. A positive I saw was that with less people going out, pollution has been decreasing. Some places are seeing fish swimming in areas that they haven’t been in a while, hopefully after this is over, they try to keep it clean for them. Also, when I start getting stressed from the news, now I watch the video of the penguins roaming around their aquarium…so cute and pure.

      Stay safe and happy!!!!

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  2. Whoa, I knew that people ate shark fin soup but I had no idea their meat was toxic? How do people survive after eating then? So interesting! & no judgement here about Frozen. I actually haven’t watched it yet either but, have always been meaning to! Thanks for sharing what you’ve been watching. πŸ™‚


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