Cute Mouse and Mousepad

Hello everyone!

I’ve been trying to create a nice desk area for myself at home, and I wanted the vibe to be cute, but keep the items minimal. So far, these are two of my favorite products I’ve purchased.

The first one is a wireless mouse. I don’t own a desktop, I just work on my laptop. The touch pad is okay, but I decided a wireless mouse would be better for me. I found this cute light pink mouse from the store Jelly Comb on Amazon. It’s super cute! I love the color so much! It feels really nice too, the only word I can describe it as is matte-feeling.

It takes one AA battery and is really responsive. It comes with the USB, and there’s a place to put it in the mouse for when you’re traveling or don’t need to use it.

I really like that it comes with the storage for the USB, so they can always be kept together. Sometimes, you can lose the USB and then the mouse is useless. So far, it works great, really responsive, no lag on the mouse whatsoever. I did notice if you’re idle for a while, it goes on “sleep” mode, but if you just click the mouse, it’ll work again.

I also purchased this cute mousepad the store ToLuLu from Amazon. I just thought it was adorable, and I wanted wrist support. The quality is really nice, my mouse works great on it, and the wrist support is much needed. Also, it goes with the mouse!

I highly recommend finding things that fit your taste, not just whatever you can find at Best Buy or similar stores. I noticed it really makes a difference in my attitude when working from home or just typing posts/editing Youtube videos. I feel more inspired with these items!

Do you have any office/desk items you really love? I’d love to hear about it!

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