Eye Buy Direct: Delaware Frames Review

Hello everyone!

I’ve been trying to wear my glasses a little bit more, so my eyes can breathe better. I tend to overuse my contacts…quite a bit. Oops. If you’d rather see my video review, click here. 

If I’m wearing glasses more, I decided I needed more options. I already did an Eye Buy Direct review on the Hepburn frames, which are an ivory tortoise design. I love those frames, but I wanted a plain, black frame. Something casual, so I can wear whatever I want and it would still match. 

So, I found the Delaware frames. I thought the shape was interesting, and get this…the frames are only $9! You read that right, $9! I was super excited when I saw that. 

The Delaware frames are rounded and the nose bridge is the keyhole style. The color I purchased was the matte black, but they have some more options as well. The frames are large, and I mean large. If you don’t like large frames, these aren’t for you. Think of some Harry Potter looking glasses, but more round on the edges than a perfect circle. 

AmandaSushma wearing EBD Delaware frames

I have a narrow face,and I wasn’t sure if it would look good, but it does! I really like them and I’ve received a lot of compliments since I got them. 

The frames are $9, but I also needed my prescription on them as well. With the prescription, the total came to about $25. That’s crazy inexpensive, compared to if you went to LensCrafters or your optometrist’s office. Usually, it would be in the three digits, but only $25 for a cute pair of glasses is amazing. 

The shipping didn’t take long at all. From when I ordered, it took about two weeks. But, that’s only because they had to spend a week on my prescription and I had ordered a pair for my mom as well. Two weeks is a perfectly normal wait time. They also emailed me when it was shipped, which was great. 

I’m definitely going to be a loyal Eye Buy Direct customer. Love the prices and they always get my prescription on point. I can try a variety of styles for cheap, and get the ones I like in different colors. What do you guys think? Have you tried them before?

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