Easy Halloween Look: Sally – Nightmare Before Christmas

Let’s face it, September is really just a trial month for deciding what you want to be for Halloween. I was feeling inspired today and wanted to try being one of my favorite characters, Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.

The way I did this is really easy and amateur friendly. First, I applied body paint all over my face and my neck. If I was doing this for Halloween, I would definitely paint all the way down, at least to where my top would start, to keep the blue body look.

Then, I used my Wet N Wild Mega Liquid Liner to create the stitches. I applied Saturn and Neptune from the Revolution Forever Flawless Constellation Palette. I applied a medium-thick line of the liquid liner to my eyes, but only did a line, no wing. I applied the Glossier Lashslick, (although this look could look more dramatic with falsies if you’d like some more drama).

Overall, it’s a dramatic and fun look, but really easy to do! Hope you guys enjoyed this!

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