Easy Halloween Demon Tutorial

*please note: this post contains Amazon affiliate links*

Hello lovely people!

I finally started my Halloween creations. This one is a revamp of my 2019 demon look, which you can check out here.

My original look was eye-catching, but I wanted to try adding more effects. Some all-white contacts really make a huge difference! I was inspired by the Webtoon “The Devil is a Handsome Man“, because it has great character designs for demons and most are in business casual, which I vibe with.

This makeup is pretty simple, if I can do it, anyone can do it. Note: I did start off with my everyday base of L.A. Girl Pro Matte Foundation, L.A. Girl Pro Conceal, and topped them off with L.A. Girl Finishing Powder…what can I say, I’m an L.A. Girl living in NC 🤷🏽‍♀️

Skin Base: I used red face paint all over my face and neck. I purchased mine from Amazon, it’s by CC Beauty.

Demon Scales: I purchased a pair of fish net tights from the Halloween store. You can find these virtually anywhere for a pretty inexpensive price. I placed that over my head and used the darkest black eye shadow I had and went over where I wanted the scales. You can change the colors, but make sure the color that you want your scales is darker than what you applied as the base.

Eye Makeup: I wanted to do a predominately dark brown/orangey look, to go with the red body. I used my handy dandy Wet N Wild Liquid Mega Liner in Black to add two thin wings, both coming from the outer corner of each eye. I also added some falsies. I am not the best at putting them on, please don’t judge 😭

Lips: I don’t own any black lipstick, so I used face paint on my lips.

Fun Effects:

Horns – The horns were purchased from Spirit Halloween and I used liquid latex to keep them on. I added some fake blood to hide the edges a tad.

White contacts: These contacts were purchased from Amazon. I don’t recommend them because you literally can’t see anything, it’s opaque. If you want to use them just for photos, they are super inexpensive, but definitely don’t use them when going out. I only had one in because I couldn’t see to take the photo, and it fell out pretty easily. Not my favorite, but the look it gives is pretty cool.

That’s about it! So excited for Halloween and definitely more Halloween looks to come. I will be uploading a different version of this look on my Youtube, feel free to subscribe to me there at AmandaSushma or click here.

What do you guys want to be for Halloween??? 👻👻👻👻 also, if you have any Halloween contact stores/brands you like, please let me know!

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